Jamie Chung Bio – Husband, Net Worth, Age, Height and Other Facts

Jamie Chung is an American-born Korean who grew up like any other normal teenager. However, if there is one thing to be said about her, it is that she knows how to seize opportunities with both hands. Chung debuted as a television personality in 2004 with MTV’s reality series The Real World: San Diego. Since then, the Korean-American talent has built an impressive, if not enviable, acting portfolio.

She has appeared in many popular movies such as Dragon Ball EvolutionPremium Rush, and Sucker Punch. Her busy schedule also sees her appear in a myriad of television series for major networks like FOX and ABC.

Jamie Chung’s Bio, Age

The high-flying actress was born Jamie JilynnChung in San Francisco on April 10, 1983. She was raised with an older brother by her traditional parents who came to the United States in 1980 and opened a hamburger restaurant.

Chung attended Lowell High School and then University of California, Riverside, where she received her bachelor’s degree in economics in 2005.

Before graduating from college, she was already working two jobs – one at a sports bar – to get to school. In 2004, MTV knocked on the door when they auditioned for their Real World show at the sports bar where she worked.

She was selected by the network to appear on the show. Chung was also a contestant on the Real World Challenge/Rules of the Road series spin-off game show .

Her participation in the MTV reality series allowed her to become an actress in her own right. Her first role came in an episode of Veronica Mars, after which she appeared in the TV movie Katrina and the medical drama series ER. Next was a few episodes in Days of Our Lives as a character called Cordy Han.

In the 2007 comedy, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, she appeared as a character called the Hooters Girl. Between 2007 and 2010, she appeared on CSI: NY, Greek, Castle, Samurai Girl and Grey’s Anatomy.

Her career has also seen her work with many reputable names from veteran actors and actresses to Disney stars. In 2009, she appeared as Chelsea Barnes in the Disney Channel movie Princess Protection Program, which also starred Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. She was also in the 2010 comedy The Grown Ups starring Chris Rock and Adam Sandler as Amber Hilliard.

In 2011, she was Amber in veteran producer Zack Snyder’s action movie Sucker Punch. The number of action scenes in the film meant that Jamie Chung had to undergo some serious physical conditioning. She got into shape, training with Navy SEALs, as well as stunt and fight sequence specialists.

Jamie brought her talent to the video game world by voicing the character Aimi Yoshida in the 2011 video game X-Men: Destiny. She previously had a role as the character Takara in the 2009 Electronic Arts video game Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising. Jamie Chung was also the voice of GoGo Tomago in the Oscar-winning Disney animation Big Hero 6 in 2014. She reprized that role in Big Hero 6: The Series which began airing in 2017.

In 2012, she played her first feature film role with Nima in Premium Rush. That same year, she was the lead character in the independent film Eden and appeared in a recurring role as Mulan on ABC’s fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time.

In 2017, she began working on Fox’s X-Men inspired TV series. The gifted. In the series, she plays the character of Clarice Fong, also known as the superhero Blink.

Who is Jamie Chung’s husband?

The actress’ first documented romance came with American actor and singer Bryan Greenberg in 2012. Almost two years later, in December 2013, Bryan popped the question by serenading Chung in a song. .

The pair tied the knot in 2015, in Santa Barbara, California in a three-day affair at Canyon El Capitan. The ceremony included a costumed welcome dinner on the eve of Halloween and the wedding ceremony on Halloween Day, October 31, 2015.

Jamie Chung’s net worth

Since the beginning of his career in 2004, Chunga received big checks for his involvement in a music video, more than 20 films, more than 17 television series and even a few video games. According to many reputable sources, the Korean-American actress has a net worth of $5 million.

Height and Other Facts About Jamie Chung

  • Besides photography and food, the actress loves all things fashion and is an avid follower of industry events. In 2012, she started her blog What is the Chung? as a place where she shares her experiences and gives advice regarding food, travel and fashion.
  • Jamie Chung and her then-fiancé Bryan Greenberg starred together in the 2015 film The It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. They co-starred as a couple who meet in Hong Kong.
  • In 2007, Jamie appeared as one of the hit song extras. Umbrella by singer Rihanna and iconic host Jay Z. In the video, she appears as one of the dancers, the first woman to stand to the right of Jay Z.
  • The actress joins names like Kristen Bell, Salma Hayek and Hillary Duff on the list of short but cute Hollywood actresses. Chung stands at a height of just over 1.67m (5ft 5in).