JoJo Siwa Hilariously Claps Back After Being Trolled For Taking New Girlfriend Avery Cyrus On A Date To Chuck E. Cheese

JoJo Siwa has a redirecting response to pundits who criticized her for taking new darling Avery Cyrus to Toss E. Cheddar for an evening to remember.

Last week, the “So You Need to Move” judge shared a TikTok video of herself and the TikTok stalwart sharing a couple of sweet minutes at a photo corner at the famous pizza chain, known for working with children’s birthday get-togethers and displays having an animatronic mouse as a mascot.

“Most blissful young woman,” Siwa captioned the video.

Regardless, she returned to TikTok for a subsequent video, this one noting a video displaying the sentence, “How I walk acknowledging I’ve never taken someone making the rounds to Toss E. Cheddar,” made on the video.

Then, Siwa cuts in to share her criticism.

“You comprehend what I love commonly about this?” she says. “This young woman stirred today and was like, ‘Prepare to have your mind blown. I will abhor on JoJo Siwa for taking Avery making the rounds to Toss E. Cheddar… like I haven’t been a beast child for seemingly for eternity.”