So, What Actually Happened With Geneva Ayala Pregnancy And XXXTentacion Child Amidst Abuse Claims

Geneva Ayala is the ex-girlfriend of late rapper XXXTentacion, who was accused of abusing her throughout their relationship. He allegedly punched and slapped her even when she was pregnant as per the news.

Geneva Ayala, XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend who accused him of assaulting her when she was pregnant, spoke out following the rapper’s death.

She turned to Twitter in 2018 to share her grief after the 20-year-old was shot while leaving a motorbike showroom in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Likewise, she testified against XXXTentacion that she was pregnant during much of the assault she received from her ex-boyfriend. They were attempting to have a baby at the time.

The rapper allegedly beat her every three to four days, choking her, pushing knives or scissors to her face, keeping her head underwater in the bathtub, and threatening to drown her.

Look At Me, a documentary published on May 26, 2022, includes evidence from the late rapper’s family, revealing facts of his turbulent past, including the violent assault charges that he publicly rejected while alive.

What Happened To Geneva Ayala’s Pregnancy? XXXTentacion Ex Girlfriend Abuse And Miscarriage

Geneva Ayala and XXXTentacion had just found out Ayala was pregnant, and XXXTentacion was overjoyed. However, he allegedly threatened to kill her and their unborn child that day.

According to authorities, XXXTentacion reportedly ‘punched, slapped, elbowed, strangled, and head-butted’ Ayala for 15 minutes.

Similarly, she stated that her eyes were streaming and she began to lose her eyesight as she vomited. XXXTentacion, on the other hand, stopped their housemates from transporting her to the hospital.

Instead, he confined her to a room for two days. She ran out of an open side door in the kitchen while pretending to make him something to eat.

However, in November 2017, Ayala signed a paper stating that she would not testify in court against XXXTentacion. She alleges the rapper compelled her to do it because she was afraid of his admirers, whom he frequently invited to court hearings.

Ayala said that XXXTentacion’s supporters had followed her around in real life, harassing her at work and attempting to follow her home. It got so awful that she had to give up.

In addition, she later posted photographs of her injuries on a GoFundMe fundraising website, including a bruised and bleeding eye, as well as a message saying she had two fractures in her left eye socket ‘due to a violent impact,’ as well as nose and jaw fractures.

Who Is Geneva Ayala? Her Wikipedia And Bio

Geneva Ayala is the ex-girlfriend of rapper XXXTentacion, who was murdered in a robbery in Miami, Florida, on June 18, 2018.

During their relationship, she claimed the musician, whose true name was Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, physically and verbally assaulted her.

Geneva was 16 when her pregnant mother forced her to leave after she decided to live with her boyfriend.

Her connection with Onfroy began after a prior ex-boyfriend posted an inappropriate image of Ayala without her permission.

Even though she didn’t know her, Onfroy insisted on battling her partner, and the two met for the first time in November 2014.

They split up after four intensive days together and didn’t see one other again for another 18 months when their supposedly poisonous relationship restarted.

Where Is Geneva Ayala Today? Her Age Now

Geneva Ayala is two years older than Onfroy, making her roughly 26 years old, according to the Miami New Times. As per her Twitter, she now resides in Broward County, Florida.

She is on Instagram under a handle, @siqeth, where she has about 64k followers. She recently posted the long-awaited documentary look at me which premiered on 26 May 2022.

Furthermore, she also has a Youtube channel in her name where she has more than 20.8k subscribers. She posts random videos of her with her friends. She also has an Only fans page, where she has mentioned herself as a Puerto Rican.