What Happened To Laren Renee Sims? True Crime Story That Tells The Tale Of Con Woman With Several Aliases

Laren Renee Sims was the spouse of California attorney, Larry McNabney. She was arraigned for her husband’s first-degree murder. Scroll below to learn more. 

Laren Renee Sims was a con artist who had used a total of 38 aliases including Elisa McNabney, Tammy Keelin, Elizabeth Barasch, and Shane Ivaroni.

She was married to a successful personal injury attorney, Larry McNabney. Sims was convicted of the first-degree murder of her spouse.

The case of Laren and Larry made headlines when authorities found her real name. Police discovered Sims who had been using many fake names had served times for fraud and identity theft.

She was an excellent student during her school days and also was a cheerleader. Despite being good at school, she dropped from high school.

Sims also had two children from two different men. Learn everything about her married life and the murder.

 What Happened To Laren Renee Sims?

Before she could stand a trial, Laren Renee Sims committed suicide in her jail cell. She was the main subject of a manhunt after the authorities found her husband Larry’s body.

At the time, she was going with her alias Shane Ivaroni. As per the reports, she was hiding out in Destin, Florida.

Followingly, on March 20, 2002,  Elisa aka Laren was staying at her daughter Haylei’s friend’s house in Fort Walton Beach. That is where she turned herself in for the crime she committed.

Larry McNabney Murder Update On Wikipedia

Larry Mcnabney’s murder case is available on the official Wikipedia website. As per the page, Laren Renee Sims and her friend Sarah Dutra injected Larry with the horse tranquilizer drug.

He was last seen alive when Sims was pushing him in a wheelchair at a Los Angeles horse show. Just a day later, Elisa aka Sims started clearing out his office.

She also sold his  $110,000 horse trailer and truck. According to her confession, her friend Sarah drove to Yosemite National Park to bury Larry, however, he was still alive.

Larry died after they again gave him the initial tranquilizer injection along with numerous later doses of other tranquilizer injections.

Is Laren Renee Sims On Jail? Her WhereAbouts Today

Laren Renee Sims took her own life in her Jail cell on 31 Mar 2002. She was 36 years old at the time of her demise in Brooksville, Hernando County, Florida, USA.

She was booked into Hernando County and was to be extradited to California. While waiting for her extradition, she gave a full confession to law enforcement. at the Okaloosa County, Florida Sheriff’s Department.

Afterward, on Easter Sunday in 2022, she hung herself inside the jail. On her suicide note, she asked her lawyer to sue the Hernando County Jail for not preventing her suicide.

Moreover, she also mentioned that her children would get the fund raised from the lawsuit. Followingly, she also claimed that the authorities did not check on her regularly in the prison.

However, all of the charges were disputed after the investigation.